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All of our personal trainers are available 7 days per week at extremely competitive prices.

With our trainers you get to train in our stunning state of the art studio in complete privacy. Our studio is equipped with the very latest 2020 Life Fitness machines along with a full matted studio fit area for one to one pad work, classes etc. This is an entirely different experience to being personal trained in a large open gym with lots of other members in clear view. With PT Studio training, it is like training in the privacy of your own home, with amazing personal trainers and simply stunning surroundings with an amazing sound system.

Hey! My name's Abi and I have a huge passion for helping others. To me, helping somebody to change their life is by far the best thing I could do.

My 10 years' experience supporting special needs children came to an end earlier this year when I decided to pursue Personal Training as my full time career.

Combining my love of fitness with my desire to help others creates a warm and trusting relationship with my clients. I care deeply about every single one of them and I will go to any lengths to support them.

I welcome anyone and everyone to embark on a fitness journey with me.

Working with me will not only change your body physically- it will change your entire lifestyle, including your confidence, your mindset and your mental well-being.

I am super excited to be based here at the PT Studio. I understand a lot of people might feel anxious or intimidated stepping into a gym environment, so to have somewhere private and as state-of-the-art as the PT Studio means it's the perfect place for me to help all those seeking some support with their health and fitness.

If you're reading this and want to change your life but for some reason something's holding you back, why not contact me today either via email: or call me on 07920 123785 or the Studio on 01206 625450 and we can take that first step, together.

- Abi x